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Skip Hire Near Me helps you choose the right size and type of skip. You can save both money and time in this process. According to your requirements, we will help you choose the best skip hire. We offer a cost-effective skip hire service for all of our customers. From cheap to expensive ones, all kinds of services are available. If you are looking for any cheap skip service then contact us now to book a skip today.


Skip Sizes

At JustFind Services Limited. We have wide range of Skip Sizes according to your project.

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We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and hence maintain a high standard of service delivery.

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JustFind Services Limited offers cheap nationwide skip hire services as compare to the market.

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We ensure our customers' satisfaction and business productivity by providing 24/7 support in no time.

Our Top Rated Services

Our budget-friendly services range from Mini Skips, Midi Skips, Builders Skips, Maxi Skips, RORO Skips, and Enclosed Skips. Requesting a quote is easier than you think.

Mini Skip Hire Services

Mini skips are the smallest available skips. If you have a small amount of waste or have a very limited space to place a skip then these skips are the perfect option for you.

Midi Skip Hire Services

Our Midi Skips are a perfect choice for your small projects, including garden clearances, refitting your bathroom, or if you simply want a clear out. 

Builders Skip Hire Services

Our Builder’s Skip is ideally suited for your bulky waste disposals, furniture clearances, small building projects, large garden clearances, and total kitchen refurbs. 

10 Yard Skip

Our Maxi Skip is suitable for your major projects. The low-level lip at the back end allows for easy access and the high sides make this container ideal for bulky items.

RORO Skip Hire Services

Our RORO Skips are ideal for your large developments and building contractors. if you have lots of debris and rubbish to move then these skips are a perfect fit for you.

Lockable Skip Hire Services

These skips are perfect for your commercial & residential projects where you may need to stop debris, water, animals, and people from accessing the contents of the skip.


A 2 yard skip is a compact container suitable for household tasks like gardening and DIY projects. Measuring 5ft x 4ft x 3ft, it holds up to 30 bin bags of waste, making it ideal for small-scale clearances.

A 3 yard skip is a versatile container ideal for minor construction and renovation projects. It measures 6ft x 4ft x 3ft and can hold 30-40 bin bags of waste, providing ample space for small-scale debris removal

A 4 yard skip is a popular choice for medium-sized renovation and construction projects. Measuring 7ft x 5ft x 3ft, it provides ample space for debris removal, with a capacity of around 40-50 bin bags of waste.

A 5 yard skip is a versatile container for domestic and small-scale commercial projects. It measures 7.5ft x 5ft x 3.5ft and can hold around 50-55 bags of waste. Its compact size makes it ideal for tight spaces.

A 6 yard skip is ideal for medium-sized construction projects, garden waste, and home renovations. Measuring 10ft x 5ft x 4ft, it has a capacity of approximately 60-70 bin bags of waste, providing ample space for debris removal.

An 8 yard skip is a sizable container used for substantial construction and renovation projects. Measuring 12ft x 6ft x 4.5ft, it has a capacity of around 80-90 bin bags of waste, making it ideal for larger debris removal needs.

A 10-yard maxi skip can accommodate 80-100 standard bin bags of waste, but the skip’s capacity may fluctuate based on the waste type, as some materials are denser and occupy more space.

A 12-yard maxi skip is a larger skip container for waste disposal, commonly used in construction sites and commercial waste management. It can store around 120-130 garbage bags, but the capacity may differ due to the waste type.

A 14-yard skip is a popular size for home renovations and construction projects, capable of holding 120-140 bin bags or 6-8 tonnes of waste materials.

A 16-yard skip is a versatile option for large domestic or commercial projects, capable of holding 140-160 bin bags or 8-10 tonnes of waste materials. Ideal for bulky or heavy items.”


An 18-yard skip is a popular choice for larger commercial projects, capable of holding 160-180 bin bags or 10-12 tonnes of waste materials. Ideal for construction, demolition and renovation waste.

A 20-yard skip is ideal for large construction or commercial projects, capable of holding 180-200 bin bags or 12-14 tonnes of waste materials. Perfect for disposing of heavy waste materials.

A 25-yard skip is a heavy-duty option for large-scale commercial or industrial projects, capable of holding 200-250 bin bags or 14-16 tonnes of waste materials. Ideal for bulky and heavy waste.

A 30-yard skip is a large option for heavy-duty commercial or industrial projects, capable of holding 250-300 bin bags or 16-18 tonnes of waste materials. Ideal for large volumes of bulky waste

A 40-yard skip is the largest option available, ideal for large-scale commercial or industrial projects, capable of holding 300-400 bin bags or 18-20 tonnes of waste materials. Perfect for heavy, bulky or oversized waste.


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"I ordered a skip for my garden, called them. The person on the phone was so friendly and helpful. He guided me in choosing the right skip. They delivered skip on time and for pickup they also came on time. The price was less compared to other companies I hired before. Awesome services"
Kari Cullum
"Easy to order and great services. They help you in the hiring process. The customer service and the staff were so helpful. Very reasonable price. Quick response from team. Skip was delivered and collected on time. A very helpful driver. Highly recommended services. I will hire them every time."
Emma Huntley